Currently serving Kansas only. Coming soon to other states!

Serving Multiple States

Reaching Further

We provide Telehealth services to patients in the state of Kansas from the comfort of your home or on the go wherever you are. We will soon be able to see patients in Colorado and Arizona.

Labs Delivered to Your Door

Putting Patients First

Get your labs ordered at a place convenient for you or have them delivered to your door! If you choose to have a lab kit delivered to your door you can simply stick it in the mail when you are done and your provider will be able to access your results within 5-7 days!

Comprehensive and Customized Care

The Support You Need

Each plan of care is individualized and determined by you and your provider. We prefer to spend at least 30 minutes each time for a comprehensive visit, but our providers are readily available to see you almost any time of the day and can usually get you in last minute for a quick visit if needed.

Prescription Refills

Saving You Time

We can refill most of your prescriptions without ever having to meet you in person. Some restrictions apply such as controlled substances and other medications that require a physical assessment.

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