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Creating solutions for clients who desire a more natural approach to issues associated with life's journey.

At Holistic Care Consultants, our mission is simple - to spend more time with patients and truly facilitate change in the health care system. 

The way we see it, people put money into things they prioritize. By helping individuals achieve and maintain an optimal level of health, our goal as health care providers is achieved. We strive to help our clients keep health maintenance a priority in their lives. Let us meet with you to discover how you can look your best and feel your best with our IV therapy, peptides, or weight loss programs.


Holistic Care Consultants Team

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Kristy Flores APRN-C

Primary Care Provider

As a veteran nurse with over 28 years of diverse health care experience Kristy is acutely aware that change needs to be made in the health care delivery system. So with the knowledge only veteran nursing can provide coupled with her advanced practice education came the birth of Holistic Care Consultants LLC, a unique model of care that integrates all of your senses. 

"I am blessed for I have found my vocation; it lies between passion and purpose."

Kristy Flores MSN, APRN-C


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Testimonials From Our Patient's Experiences


Evelyn - Mobile Concierge IV Hydration Therapy

I had so much fun doing the mobile IV hydration service! April was able to come to my house in the evening and start an IV to get me hydrated! She drew labs on me a few days before and had the results printed off for me. So when she came over to start the IV drip, she discussed what my labs mean and how the IV therapy she prescribed would help me feel better and stay hydrated. We sat down in my kitchen and talked and had so much fun while my drip was going! I am recommending IV drip therapy to all my friends and family.

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