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Creating solutions for clients who desire a more natural approach to issues associated with life's journey.

At Holistic Care Consultants, our mission is simple - to spend more time with patients and truly facilitate change in the health care system. 

The way we see it, people put money into things they prioritize. By helping individuals achieve and maintain an optimal level of health, our jobs as health care providers become easier so we gladly pass the savings on to our clients. By making our services affordable, we help our clients keep health maintenance a priority in their lives.

Let us meet with you to discover how you can look your best and feel your best with our IV therapy, peptides, or weight loss programs. Schedule a free consultation for peptide/weight loss therapy or get a free B12 shot with your first IV therapy session! Refer a friend and get 50% off your next IV session when they book and complete their first IV session.


Holistic Care Consultants Team

A Practice with Passion


Kristy Flores APRN-C

Primary Care Provider

As a veteran nurse with over 28 years of diverse health care experience Kristy is acutely aware that change needs to be made in the health care delivery system. So with the knowledge only veteran nursing can provide coupled with her advanced practice education came the birth of Holistic Care Consultants LLC, a unique model of care that integrates all of your senses. 

"I am blessed for I have found my vocation; it lies between passion and purpose."

Kristy Flores MSN, APRN-C

April Withers MSN, APRN, NP-BC

Primary Care Provider

As our partner provider, April Withers is committed to providing the care you deserve at a price that’s affordable. As an integrative care provider, her passion is to blend effective healing modalities from all over the globe with traditional allopathic training. April received her Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Kansas Medical Center in Lawrence, Kansas. From there she went on to pursue her Master of Science degree as a Nurse Practitioner. Her nursing career has consisted of experience in primary care, intensive care at a level 1 trauma center, and palliative care.

Wilfred Jandwa RN

Registered Nurse

Wilfred Jandwa comes to us with many years of experience in several health specialties across the state. He began his career as a nurse in the Neurological Intensive Care Unit at Wesley Medical Center in Wichita, KS. From there he took a few 13-week travel assignments across the state to gain some experience in other fields of nursing such as long-term care, inpatient rehab, and the ER. Wilfred is very skilled in blood draw, injections, and IV infusions and that is his main role here at Holistic Care Consultants.


Join Our Book Club

"Book clubs promote a love of literature in a positive, nurturing environment. The purpose of any club is to bring a community together to learn about and discuss something that matters to them".

$25 monthly membership fee that includes the cost of books, snacks, and drinks

women discussion group

Encourage critical thinking and deeper engagement with stories

Image by Aaron Burden

Book Clubs Promote a Love of Literature in a Positive, Nurturing Environment.

Support and Relationship Building

Book Club lets you get together and think as a group. You analyze together, build ideas on top of each others’, and discuss their applicability in mini problem solving sessions. Once you have a few common books under your belt, you also start to cross reference certain ideas and discuss parts that are overlapping or contradicting.

One of the main components of a book club is discussion.  Discussion in a book club relies on all participants having read and understood the book.  Sometimes, humans will be inclined to skim a story or read certain passages to get the general idea and prove they’ve completed some of the work. 

Book clubs create space for people to talk, ask questions, and interact with peers on a level that facilitates relationship building. The small group environment and less stressful commitment level makes the process feel safer and more enjoyable, which can lead to better results. 

Accountability by book club meetings not only ensures the reading is happening, but encourages people to read closely and imagine more deeply when engaging with these perspectives.


The act of reading in community can help you read more deeply and better understand diverse perspectives. You won’t choose every book your club reads, so you’ll be forced to read genres and works you might never find on your own. Engaging with diverse content — fiction, history, biography, social science — can pull you out of your day-to-day routine and help you make connections between ideas from other fields that might be relevant to your work or life.

Further, discussing these books with a diverse group of friends or colleagues can expand the way you think. At Harvard Business School, one of the primary reasons for the case method of learning, where students read a case, or story, collectively and then debate it, is to make students more aware of the different perspectives people bring to any discussion and the ways in which those perspectives can deepen understanding and help a group reach a more rounded decision.

Book clubs function similarly — they force you to engage on new and interesting topics, and they do so by listening to people who think differently than you. And because you know you’ll have to discuss a book with your peers, you’re likely to read more deeply than you might on your own.


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Testimonials From Our Patient's Experiences


I had so much fun doing the mobile IV hydration service! April was able to come to my house in the evening and start an IV to get me hydrated! She drew labs on me a few days before and had the results printed off for me. So when she came over to start the IV drip, she discussed what my labs mean and how the IV therapy she prescribed would help me feel better and stay hydrated. We sat down in my kitchen and talked and had so much fun while my drip was going! I am recommending IV drip therapy to all my friends and family.

Evelyn - Mobile Concierge IV Hydration Therapy